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BPO Assistant Macros Auto Fill

BPO Assistant/TrackMyForeclosure users enjoy access to over 110 BPO/REO companies and their forms with the click of a mouse. Watch our video to see it in action. BPO Assistant allows you to have our software on as many computers as you want for NO extra charges. New users enjoy our 30 day money back guarantee. This is a no questions cancellation/refund of ALL money paid in the first 30 days of service. NO tricks, NO gimmicks.
Features of Auto Fill software:
• Extra computers are FREE
• No yearly renewal fees
• Imacro player free v6.9 & v10
• Tracking and Keying in one system
• Self Install
• On Line Video Tutorials
• SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Try us for 30 days. If you are unsatisfied for ANY reason we will refund ALL FEES PAID (if canceled in the first 30 days).

BPO Assistant Tracking Software

Our macros are amazing but when running a BPO business, tracking money owed to you and payments received are equally important, in 2008 we developed our web based tracking platform.
Features of tracking software:
• Mobile APP (IOS/Android) based for photo upload from field (FREE)
• Unlimited storage of photos and docs
• Tracking of orders with photo completion notification
• Mapping feature of location
• Web based/Online
• Unlimited Vendors(photographers)
• Data archived for 3 years
• Duplicate order tracking
AND MUCH MUCH MORE. Get started today to enjoy all the tracking and keying features BPO Assistant offers starting at $49.99 which includes all of our macros AND our tracking software.

All-inclusive pricing

Package ranging from $49.99 to $74.99. All of our packages include access to ALL of our forms, no need to choose or pay extra for additional forms. In addition you have unlimited access to BPO tracking and photo/document storage. Our package pricing differences is for additional clean up tool access for assistants that work for you and need their own clean up tool. 99% of our users start on the $49.99 package and upgrade as needed.


*our one time set up fee includes 2 custom MLS exports set ups.
New users of our software receive 2 MLS id’s to be set up at no additional charge other than your onetime set up fee. After 2 you can purchase additional MLS set up for the cost of $25 each at any time. Currently we support over 500 MLS’s in our database, new MLS’s added as needed.
Connect Fusion Innovia
List ITMatrixMLS Pro
Trend*plus many more, call us or email us if you don't see yours here and if you want to verify
BPO Assistant does not require a RETS or IDX feed from the local MLS. We use your MLS’s custom export feature to set your MLS to pull the fields we use for our software. NO need to pay for a RETS or IDX feed when you use BPO Assistant.
BPO Assistant is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by any of the above listed compatible MLS’s.

COMPANIES supported

Asset Val (AMV)Altisource (Ocwen)BPOForms
ClearCapitalEMortgage (Assurant)Equator(Fannie and all companies)
MGICMark2MarketMCSValuations (FARVV)
OldRepublicPAS (Wells Fargo)ProTek (All Companies)Realty Pilot
Service Link(LIS/Blackknight)SamsUS Res
VSSand more... 110+ Companies in All!
BPO Assistant is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by any of the above listed BPO/REO companies.

System requirements

PC running Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10. We recommend at minimum 1 gigabyte of RAM and 1 ghz or faster CPU is highly recommended (other will work but you will experience slower responses from the Macros and photo/doc uploading). Mac/ Apple based PC that also has a Windows side loaded using programs such as Parallel or Cohesion.

Mobile app requires data service or internet connection to upload photos taken on the cellular devise into the tracking portal.

It is fully compatible with all major brands of anti-virus software, but most require a temporally shutting antivirus down during the installation.